22 Linwood Road, Lynn, MA 01905                                  ,, @peterjeremybalentine

Exhibitions --------------------------------------

  • 2022       (Re-)CONNECT Online Exhibition, Lightreadings Photography Magazine (
  •            Landscapes, Oceanscapes, Cityscapes Juried Exhibition, Galleries atLynn Arts, Lynn, MA
  •            Home Markets, Lynn Public Library, Lynn,MA (solo exhibition)
  •            Blue Juried Exhibition, Galleries at Lynn arts, Lynn, MA
  •            Vantage Point Juried Exhibition, Griffin Museum of Photography, Winchester, MA
  •            Ukraine 2004, SDN Online Portfolio feature,
  •            City of God, Griffin Atelier 35, Griffin Museum of Photography, Winchester, MA    
  •            Lynn Public Arts Commission, Lynn City Hall Community Gallery, Lynn, MA
  •            Duality Juried Exhibition, Galleries atLynn Arts, Lynn, MA
  • 2021       Members Juried Show,Galleries at Lynn Arts, Lynn, MA      
  •            Unraveling Time and Space Juried Exhibition, Galleries at Lynn Arts, Lynn, MA
  •            Big Reach, Outdoor Sculpture Maudsley Reach Annual Show, Newburyport, MA
  •            Newburyport Art Association “Music for the Eyes”, Newburyport, MA
  •            Abstract/Minimalism Juried Exhibition,Galleries at Lynn Arts, Lynn, MA
  •            Home Markets, Griffin Atelier 33,  Griffin Museum of Photography
  •            Home Markets, SDN Online Portfolio(           
  • 2020       Winter Solstice Member show, Griffin Museum of Photography, Winchester, MA
  •            Members Juried Show, Galleries at Lynn Arts, Lynn, MA
  • 2019       Seeing Clearly, Outdoor Sculpture Maudsley 20/20 Annual Show, Newburyport,MA


2021         Louisville Institute Pastoral Study Project, documentary photography project “City                             of God:  Understanding, Valuing and Celebrating the Immigrant Church”, www.louisville-               

Bibliography ------------------------------------

2022        Radio Interview, WBZ 1030 Boston with Carl Stephens, “Home Markets”,  July 14, 2022.                          Newspaper Interview, “Balentine’s Day At Library: Pastor’s Camera Puts Lynn Scenes on                          Display”, Lynn Daily Item June 22, 2022

Education ---------------------------------------

Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary, 2000-2003                                                               *Doctor of Ministry.    Track: “Spiritual Renewal in the Postmodern World” 

Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary, 1991-1995                                                                 *Master of Divinity.   Courses at Center for Urban Ministerial Education (C.U.M.E.)

Boston University, 1983-1987                                                                           *Bachelor of Arts, English Literature.  

*Completed various workshops at New England School of Photography in Waltham, MA including The Intentional Photograph with Suzanne Revy (2020); Griffin Museum of Photography in Winchester, MA including Atelier 33 with Meg Birnbaum (2021) and Atelier 35 with Elizabeth Buckley (2022); Massachusetts College of Art including The Long Term Portrait with Rania Matar (2021).

*Completed online courses through Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) (SeeingThrough Photographs (2020); Art and Ideas: Teaching with Themes (2020); What Is Contemporary Art? (2020); and In the Studio: Postwar Abstract Painting (2021)

Affiliations and Interests ------------------------

*Member of Galleries of Lynn Arts (GALA), Griffin Museum of Photography, Photographic Resource Center, Christians in the Visual Arts (CIVA),and Social Documentary Network.                                      *Ordained with ABCUSA and CCCC denominations.                                                        *Travel to over 25 countries in Europe, Asia, Africa, Central America, and the Middle East.

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