Peter is a pastor and photographer who lives in the city of Lynn, MA.  Having a grandmother who graduated from Rhode Island School of Design in photography, and the other grandmother an oil painter,  Peter appreciates a photograph that combines good light, form and meaning. 

With a bachelor’s in English Literature, as well as holding both a master’s and a doctorate in theology, Peter speaks weekly at his church, and often uses visual images as metaphors to help illustrate spiritual concepts and insights.   His photography celebrates the variety of people, places and cultures God has made on this earth.

Peter has studied at the New England School of Photography and Griffin Atelier, and is a member of the Lynn Arts Association, the Griffin Museum of Photography, and Christians in the Visual Arts.   He has exhibited at GALA (Galleries of Lynn Arts), the Griffin Museum of Photography, and Outdoor Sculpture at Maudsley in Newburyport, MA. 

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