Book Review: A Nation of Immigrants

I did not know that JFK was writing this at the time of his assassination.  It was almost finished and thus published posthumously.   JFK cared a lot about the issue of immigration!   In fact, the landmark 1965 Immigration Bill, is attributed to JFK’s passion and work towards immigration reform.  In this small book (only 85 pages including photos), Kennedy lays out the vision that the DNA of America is the fact that we are a nation of immigrants.   He explains that immigrants are daring people, willing to leave their homelands and experience great sacrifice for personal freedom and economic opportunity.  They are extremely hard working and hearty people – just the kind of people you would want to build a strong nation.   Kennedy discusses the hardships and injustices faced by immigrants, including nativism and xenophobia.  There is history of various ethic groups also, as Kennedy was a student of history.    JFK includes his proposals for changes to immigration law, circa 1963.    His proposals discuss many of the same tensions we are dealing with 50 years later!  A quick but inspiration read.   

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