Book Review: American Dirt

I read this book recently and couldn’t put it down!   American Dirt by Jeannine Cummins is a fictional account  of a woman, living in Acapulco, Mexico who must flee for her life from the drug warlords who have killed her husband.  Published in 2020,  the book takes the reader on the migrant journey north to the border.  The endearing company of fellow travelers, the out of the ordinary compassion of strangers, and the incredible danger of the journey are all apart of this  page-turning novel. This book helped me to visualize better what it must be like to flee for your life, a perilous journey many must take today.  There has been some controversy with the book, being that the writer is not writing from an immigrant experience herself, but generally reviews have been very good.   In my opinion it is a great read.  

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