News: Grant Awarded for Documentary Photography Project

November 18, 2021 

Dear Rev. Dr. Balentine: 

Congratulations! On behalf of the Louisville Institute, it is my privilege to share with  you that you are one of 25 pastoral leaders selected to receive a 2022 Pastoral Study  Project (PSP) grant. This year, we received 93 applications from pastoral leaders  throughout the United States and Canada. The quality and creativity of the applications  made the work of the selection committee challenging, and we are excited and humbled  to bear witness to the incredible ministries taking place. 

A significant benefit and expectation of your grant is participation in the Pastoral Study  Project Consultation in Louisville, KY, January 31–February 2, 2022. Information about  logistics and travel arrangements for the gathering will be sent separately. Louisville  Institute will pay your travel and lodging expenses. 

Finally, we will officially announce all PSP grant recipients on our website and social  media around December 1. Keri Liechty, Communications Coordinator, will be in touch  with you regarding that announcement. In the meantime, you are welcome to share  your news with friends and family, but we ask that you don’t post on social media or in  other public spaces until after November 22 to ensure that all of our applicants have  been notified. 

Congratulations once again! We look forward to learning with you as embark on your  study project. 

With warm wishes, 

Aimee C. Moiso  

Associate Director 

Here is a link to the official announcement on the Louisville Institute website:

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